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Keys to the paper industry in the process of reindustrialization of our country


Last month, the Spanish Association of Pulp, Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers, ASPAPEL, presented in Madrid its annual report on the sector and the update of the Sustainability Report of the paper sector.

The event detailed five key aspects of the paper industry for reindustrialization:

  • The strength and stability of the paper industry. Spain is the fifth largest pulp producer and the sixth largest paper producer in Europe. It is above the European average in terms of the evolution of paper production. And it is the only country that has not recorded negative growth.
  • Our sector has a great export capacity that represents 66% of the total turnover. It is the great driving force of our industry even in times of crisis, with record export records.
  • In the pulp and paper industry, employment is stable and of high quality. Since the beginning of the crisis, the loss of employment has been less than 6%, maintaining more than 17,000 direct jobs and 85,000 indirect jobs, according to data presented by ASPAPEL.
  • We use locally sourced raw materials and have an efficient selective collection system for paper and cardboard. This places us among the European recycling elite, second only to Germany.
  • We play a leading role in the bioeconomy and the circular economy. A model of sustainable consumption and production is being developed in which Europe has proposed to base all industrial production in order to transform waste into resources through a circular flow.

In any case, the paper industry is waiting for real and concrete measures from the Government to be able to take a step forward towards the reindustrialization of our country.