Único fabricante en Canarias de papel reciclado y de celulosa.
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    Objective: Zero waste

    Committed to the sustainable development of the planet

  • Protisa

    First manufacturer of domestic and industrial paper in the Canary Islands from recycled paper

  • protisa papel higienico monorrollo new
  • Protisa

    Leaders in Innovation and Development to promote the Circular Economy

  • Protisa

    We work for the welfare of society out of gratitude to the earth

of Life

PROTISA Productos Tinerfeños S.A., was funded in 1995, the only company in Canary Islands (Spain) that produces and manufatures cellulose tissue and 100% recycled paper from the collection of recovered paper.

Our products are naturally manufactured (thermo-mechanical process), without chemical treatments or bleaching.

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  • Lordy
  • Lord'Hogar
  • Lord Premium
  • Les Fans
  • Kopo
  • C&S Clean & Soft
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