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Tips for maintaining our good sustainable habits during the summer


The Eroski Foundation, the Packaging and Society Platform and the Spanish Confederation of Consumer and User Cooperatives, Hispacoop, have conducted a study on our sustainable habits during the summer. According to the data obtained, the percentage of recycling has decreased by 12% at national level, compared to the 95% that we usually recycle, and specifically by 18% in the Canary Islands.

For this reason, we have compiled some tips to continue to maintain our environmental commitment, despite being on vacation:

  1. If you decide to spend a few days away, remember to locate when you arrive at your destination the nearest recycling containers in the area where you are spending your vacations.
  2. If you choose to spend the day at the beach or, on the contrary, you decide to go hiking in the mountains, always carry a bag with you to deposit the waste of the products consumed throughout the day, never leave them lying around.
  3. Also, if the accommodation where you are spending your vacations does not have garbage cans for the different types of waste, do not forget to also use different bags to sort them. This way you will be able to continue recycling like at home.
  4. Enjoy the vacations with your family and take advantage of your free time during the vacations to give a second life to paper and cardboard waste. In addition to taking the opportunity to instill the value of recycling in children. In our social networks you can find fun ideas for recycling with the little ones at home.
  5. Remember that RECYCLE is one of the “3 R’s”. But it is just as important to REDUCE the amount of waste we generate and REUSE as much as possible.
  6. Consume responsibly and inform yourself and prioritize environmentally friendly products.
  7. Remember to use public transportation. Take advantage of the good weather at this time of the year to take bike rides and walk whenever possible.
  8. Do not neglect the control of water and electricity consumption, as you would do in your own home.

Our good habits don’t have to go on vacation. Remember that the planet does not rest and these small gestures help us to continue enjoying the richness of our environment in the long term.

Source: Eroski