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Protisa joins the ‘Stop! Get back on track!’ campaign


PROTISA supports the Basta! Get back on track! campaign, an initiative of the Confederation of European Paper Industries, CEPI, which aims to create a legislative environment that allows European manufacturers to compete with the rest of the world.

The paper industry is saying Enough! to the impact that excessive legislative burdens are having on the sector and the aim is for the EU to reflect on existing policies and bring about a change that will put us back at the heart of the European economy and allow us to compete on a level playing field with other manufacturers around the world.

Four elements are part of this campaign:

  1. Cutting red tape. 2314 new regulations and directives have been created in 5 years. While 700 measures have been produced to reduce the amount of red tape that was created.
  2. Helping to win the race for Europe’s global competitiveness. We compete with regions with lower taxes, lower wages and less stringent legislation, so it must balance out for European businesses.
  3. Rethink existing policies. There is a considerable price differential between energy costs in Europe and those in the rest of the world, which also require a level playing field.
  4. New focus on industry. The European Commission must take into account the importance of the value chain in manufacturing industry and incentivize resource efficiency and innovation and allow companies to choose their own methods.

Companies and organisations that want to join this initiative can do so on the website created exclusively for the Basta! Get back on track!.