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New representation of the recycling industry in europe: euRIC


The European Ferrous Recovery and Recycling Federation (EFR), the European Recovered Paper Association (ERPA) and the European Metal Trade and Recycling Federation (Eurometrec) have joined forces to create the European Recycling Industries Conference, euRIC.

The European Recycling Industries Confederation, whose headquarters are in Brussels, represents hundreds of small, medium and large European companies involved in the collection, treatment and trade of recycled products.

It was created with the aim of defending the common interests of the recycling industry before the European institutions, as well as promoting the growth and development of our industry and promoting it as a means of creating value for European society.

The euRIC Board will be chaired by Dominique Maguin, who highlights the importance of this new organization stating that “both the recycling industry and waste pickers deserve a strong voice and a unified representation in Brussels. Waste pickers are a key player in the new circular economy. They contribute to sustainable economic growth and better environmental protection by converting waste into valuable resources, while generating employment. In this regard, we look forward to working closely with the European Union institutions, as well as with all relevant stakeholders.”

The President will be supported by eleven major national associations from various European Union countries, including the Spanish Association of Paper and Cardboard Recyclers (REPACAR).